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Are you looking for guidance?

Have these tumultuous days left you exhausted, fearful, or confused?  Do you wonder if God cares?

Are you struggling to find the answers that you need and don't know who to trust?

Do you yearn to receive a word from the Lord but worry about false prophets?


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God's Delivery Service is dedicated to bringing hope, comfort, encouragement, perspective, and resources to the people  hungry to know the liberating truth found through Jesus Christ.


Discover All God Has for You!

Have Hope for the Future

Don't let fear overcome you! Live a life of joy, freedom, and expectation. Become the person God called you to be and become an agent of positive change.  Discover how God can transform your failures into blessings for both you and for others.

Gain Perspective

During these times of turmoil and upheaval, gain the perspective needed to bring you into the place of peace even in the middle of life's storm.   Uncover the principles for avoiding the traps of fear, false prophecy, false religion, and ungodly leaders.


Receive the training necessary to understand the purpose of spiritual gifts and ministries and  how to evaluate prophecy and other manifestations properly.  Learn the principles for avoiding the pitfalls that can derail your dreams and destiny.

Our Commitment to You


This site is not a"dialing for dollars" or "prophesy on demand" website. Rather, we incorporate prophetic gifts and life experience to help our clients discover their own gifts and abilities, mature in their faith, fulfill God's purpose for their lives, and become leaders who can help others find their own purpose in meaning in life. 


We seek to build unity among our sisters and brothers in Christ, not exalt ourselves.  We are committed to the entire Ekklesia of God, the Church.  We anticipate the Ekklesia arising as the beautiful Bride of Christ, standing without spot or wrinkle, and look to see that Bride, full of the Holy Spirit, overcoming all the works of the enemy in Jesus' name.  


We are committed to building up and promoting maturity in the Ekklesia, the  Body of Christ, so everyone may be fully established in their unique position in the Body.  Our goal is to help each believer  mature and fulfill the call God has placed upon His or Her life to carry the presence of the Lord into whatever facet of culture God directs to impact with the gifts. 

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Lynn Watkins, and I am a member of God's "special delivery service"! I deliver God's words of comfort, encouragement, and revelation. Some folks call me a prophet.

Our world is in turmoil; people are confused, disheartened, and disillusioned. God is sending men and women as His messengers to deliver His words of comfort, encouragement, and revelation into all areas of society and to all sorts of people.  

But many claim to know  the answers to the world's problems. Some even claim to speak for God--but do they? Who can you trust?  How do you spot the "fakes", the swindlers, the manipulators?  

I  help people find answers to these questions. I cut through the false teachings, erroneous beliefs, and fears by providing hope, comfort, and understanding. I take the "hocus pocus" hokum out of the prophetic and reveal the Biblical and theological basis for prophetic ministry that promotes a balanced  view of prophetic ministry to build up the entire body of Christ.

God is sharing His heart to draw  all nations and cultures close to Himself so that they can have joy and peace in Jesus--no matter what tumultuous events occur. 

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"Lynn is passionate about helping others to understand the prophetic calling. She also has written several books as well . . . . Highly recommend Lynn.""

Aivars M.

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