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Want something more in your Christian life? Want to experience the excitement and blessings of life in the Spirit without falling prey to deceit and error? Need training to understand spiritual gifts [especially the prophetic] and their role in the Church but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

We're building an online training curriculum that provides you with the benefits of live training but without the constraints.

Prophets Call will be offering high quality online  training that you can watch and listen to at your convenience. You  learn on your own time—and grow at your own pace. We are pouring our passion, knowledge, and practical wisdom pointers into all of our courses. We are askin the Holy Spiri to make these trainings more than engaing; we want these courses to be life changing.

Our goal: For you become more knowledgeable,  capable, and more confident in your walk with Christ.

Furthermore, we’ve working  to make our content both easy to understand and implement. We want you to be able to take what you have learned and be able to share it with others.

Think about it…

There’s never been a  time in history when training has been so accessible! The internet has changed everything. The doors to growth, opportunity and Christian maturation are wide open. And so now is the time to receive the training to understand the fullness of prophetic ministry and spiritual giftings--and how God intends for these blessings to impact your life-- and the lives of others through you!

Achieving Personal And Professional Goals

Everyone faces obstacles to success, but your circumstances do not define who you are or what you do. God is bigger than your worst circumstance!

In her new e-book, Arise, Prophetess: Responding to God's Call for Women, Lynn shares keys that she discovered in responding to God's call to ministry. Lynn shares how she needed to discover her own identity in Christ before she could effectively serve to bless others.

Do you feel that you've lost hope?

That your dreams have died?

 Arise, Woman of God!

Gain wisdom, encouragement, and direction from this free, downloadable e-book.




Hope can be restored!

Your dreams can be realized.


What does prayer mean to you? A quick mumbling of words before a meal? A ritual we engage in at church? Could prayer be more? Could our times of prayer unlock the door to intimacy with God?

For those who have lost their hope--the totally confused and disappointed, those who don't know who to trust--a new video series: The Death of Hope.

The Death of Hope

  • If Hope dies, can it be restored?
  • Can we live without Hope?
  • Where, what, or who do we look for to find new Hope? 
  • Can Hope really live or is it only a deceiving illusion?

Find out in The Death of Hope, the video accompaniment to the book, Out of the Ashes by Lynn L. Watkins.





It's worth the wait!

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Do you want to do more than just succeed?  

Do you feel called by God for a purpose, yet feel stuck? This e-booklet can help!  Arise: Embrace Your Destiny has seven principles to propel you forward toward your destiny.
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Special Report: It's Time for God's Prophetesses to Arise written by Lynn Watkins

• You are God's messenger 
• Deliver the message to the right person 
• Don't deliver "a package" that is too heavy