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More Than Just a Store--Resources to Propel You Forward 

God loves you and has given you unique gifts and qualities! I created these books, study guides, and other materials to help people,  especially young prophetesses, develop a mature and solid understanding of why God created prophetic giftings and prophetic ministry and His plans for manifesting those gifts and ministries in an individual's life. 

Prophetic ministry is designed to bless all believers, empowering them to fulfill their destiny in Christ. I hope these resources help you discover how much God loves you and your full potential in Christ!

What Do You Think of The Bible?

Some people despise the Bible and claim it is bigoted and false. Others love the Bible and say it is the source of life, joy, and well-being.  

What do you think, and what do you pass your opinion on? Have you read the Bible, or have you accepted what other people have said about It? Have you considered what the Bible says about itself?

In my new book, Let the Bible Speak, I make the Bible more accessible to modern readers by explaining the unique characteristics of the Bible in a simple, straightforward manner. Terms like transcendence, inspiration, and inerrancy are spelled out in a straightforward manner so the love story of the Bible can be revealed to the modern reader.

Believers who are trying to explain the meaning and value of the Bible to others will find this a valuable resource. 

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Has a Spiritual Crisis Robbed You of Joy?


You thought you knew God, yet He seems to have abandoned you in in your time of despair. Everything seems so dark. What happened? Does God hate you?

Join me as I struggle with the ashes of my dreams and expectations until I discover the beauty that can come out of the ashes. 

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Cut the Confusion!

Find the answers to your questions about prophecy and prophetic ministry. Discover the unique role of prophetic ministry.

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A Christmas Treat and A Story of Hope!

A special treat for the holidays--a true Christmas story that will warm your heart with hope as it reveals the true "magic" of Christmas in the midst of the holiday bustle. Click on the image for more details.

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A Story of Christmas for People Everywhere

Melchizedek was old. Too old to carry Mary to Bethlehem. He tried his best, but when Melchizedek stumbled...., 

What should we do when we can't help the people we love? What should we do when we have to do the impossible?

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SHHH--Let's Keep this a Secret only for those that look at this page:   

I have just begun work on the sequel to The Donkey's Tail!  I hope to have a few illustrations to post soon!

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