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Looking for a speaker that will make your next event a success? Do you want a thought-provoking, Biblically-based presentation?  Looking for an uplifting perspective that will impact your attendees? 

If you ask me to speak at your event, I promise I will not just present a bland presentation. I will sit down with you to discuss the issues your audience cares about or the topic you want to have addressed.  Then I will seek the Lord for the precise message He wants me to share with your particular group. 

What is my approach? First I pray. Then, I attempt to build every message around Bible truths, combining my Biblical background, theological study, and personal experiences to produce practical insights. However, I try to sprinkle in a bit of laughter because I believe that God laughs--and He wants us to laugh with Him, for the joy of the Lord is our strength!


Contact me if you think I might be the speaker that you are looking for. 

Note:  Because of Covid, I will be happy to arrange Zoom calls for on-line presentations.

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Does your church or group wish to learn more about spiritual gifts?

After completing her training and certification at Christian International, Lynn Watkins can provide your church or group with Biblically-based training concerning spiritual giftings. However, Lynn will do more than teach; she will "activate" believers in the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

Through fun activating exercises, Lynn will help believers conquer fear and discover their ability to hear the voice of the Lord. Even young believers can flow in the Word of Knowledge, the  Word of Wisdom, and the Gift of Prophecy and gain confidence for releasing the gifts of healing, miracles, etc.

Believers usually want to see God use them supernaturally but often need hands-on instruction and opportunities to apply what they have learned while receiving feedback and encouragement.   Providing in-house training creates a reassuring mentoring environment that your folks are already comfortable in: your own church building.


As a recognized teacher concerning Spiritual gifts, Lynn will base her training on the time-tested, Biblically-based materials supplied by Christian International. However, Lynn Watkins does not conduct rote training. Lynn considers the individual needs of your participants and the church, making the various activation exercises fun while ensuring people grasp the teachings.

The spiritual giftings modules are relevant, practical, and delivered in an engaging way. Our on-site team training can be provided to groups as small as 15 to as large as 75. 

To learn more about this, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lynn at [email protected].


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