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Many people seek coaches to leapfrog into success.  However, I want to be more than just a coach; I want to be a mentor,  the type of mentor for young prophets that I  desperately desired when I was first called into the prophetic. I don't want you to spend years learning what I already know, and I want to provide you with spiritual support in your journey toward destiny. I have created a  curriculum that is designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. Using this basic curriculum. I will challenge you to develop the Biblical understanding and mature character necessary to succeed in life and in your God-ordained calling--no matter what area of culture God desires you to impact. I'll pray with you and for you as you confront challenges head-on to overcome what has hindered you in the past. 

Note:  If I don't think that we are a good match, I will let you know upfront.

You Will Receive:

  • A Biblically-based curriculum
  • Monthly coaching sessions
  • Specific action-oriented assignments and activations
  • Direct email access to me
  • Confidential advice and accountability

Think about this: What do great leaders and influential people have in common? They have been blessed with mentors or coaches.  If you dream of hearing and serving God with all your heart, if you are ready to take action to reach these goals, I can assist you and guide you around some of the potholes that lay in your path.

You can pursue focused, intentional growth through transformational mentoring. To learn more about how you can benefit from my experience and customized coaching solutions, click the button below.

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Prophetic Training

Can everyone prophesy? Are there different types of prophets?

Do you desire to hear the voice of God more clearly?

In this intense training you will discover how to sharpen your spiritual gifts and become more effective in ministry:

  • Understanding Personal Prophecy
  • How to Develop Your Prophetic Gifts
  • The Purpose of Prophecy
  • Dealing with False Prophets
  • Interpreting Visions and Dreams

Take a Step into Your Potential

Do you desire to hear the voice of God more clearly? Do you have questions that need answers, questions such as: Can everyone have intimacy with God? Can I discover or sharpen my spiritual gifts to be more effective in my life's purpose? What does life in the Spirit look like? Lynn may the mentor that you have been praying for! She could be the encourager you need to break through the roadblocks that you have faced in following your dream. Find out; book a free get-acquainted call now.

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God is calling each person to fulfill a unique destiny.  Unfortunately, not everyone will do so.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams?  Do you want more than just a job in life?  Do you dream of fulfilling a purpose but just don't know how?

This e-booklet is for you!  Discover 7 principles for breaking through frustrations and obstacles.


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Special Report: It's Time for God's Prophetesses to Arise written by Lynn Watkins

• You are God's messenger 
• Deliver the message to the right person 
• Don't deliver "a package" that is too heavy