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Divinely Commissioned:  

God's Delivery Service

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Have you got questions about why or how God spoke through people in ancient times?  Do you wonder if He speaks today, or if there is a difference between a prophet and a fortune-teller?

From the origins of prophecy through the re-emergence of prophetic ministry and its impact in the Church today, this book has the answers you are looking for.  Whether you feel called to prophetic ministry or want to cut through the confusion and controversy to find the truth, this book will answer your toughest questions:

  • What exactly is prophecy?
  • Does God really speak to or through people?
  • Do true prophets still exist?
  • What makes a person a prophet?
  • How does God speak to someone?
  • How do Old and New Testament prophets differ from spiritualists or fortune tellers?
  • Are prophets discussed in both the Old and New Testaments?
  • Can a woman be a prophet?
  • How do we know that a prophecy is "real"?
  • Will all prophecies come to pass?
  • Is studying prophecy important or  just a waste of time?
  • Is prophetic ministry really an important part of the modern Ekklesia?
  • Can a true prophet give a bad prophecy?

This book, Divinely Commissioned:  God's Delivery Service is a must-read to find the answer you are looking for.  Carefully researched and loaded with Scripture, this book answers questions many books on the prophetic never address.

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