Surprised by a "Suddenly"!

May 6, 2021

 Sometimes God surprises me.

 Have you ever heard something like this, “Well, just when I thought I had figured things out...”?

 The person usually goes on to explain how their plans got upset in some way.

 Well, I can say just as I thought I had figured out what God wanted me to focus on for the next few months, He surprised me.  I thought I was to focus on family projects and personal health [yes, I gained weight during the pandemic and let my regular exercise slide].  On the ministry side, I was to focus on finishing a video course concerning prophetic witchcraft, rewrite a book on hope, create several e-booklets and other materials to encourage believers, and prepare another video course.

 All these things are important, of course.  All this need doing, and I felt as if the Lord wanted me to work on each of these areas, which meant disciplining myself and creating a balanced work schedule.  Unfortunately, none of these goals were seemed particularly appealing.  None of these goals could be accomplished in an afternoon or two; none would provide instant feedback, but all involved some hard work, disciplined focus, and even some research. And most of the effort  involved my working in private, without any "fun" of being able to share or minister to others publicly.

Well, I achieved my first goal. I wrote an e-booklet focusing on encouragement and uploaded it to my free resource page on this website. Honestly, while I got plenty of “congratulations” from folks I know, I also received some ugly comments—neither of which seemed to bring any real fruit.

 So, you might say I was plowing and planting but not expecting much harvest until a later season.

 Then, Sunday came. First, our pastor spoke during the church service as if he were speaking just to me, to encourage and to strengthen me.  Then, after we got home, God sprung a surprise!

At the time, I was resting in a chair and about to fall asleep. When I received a telephone call from Illinois, I almost didn't answer it, for I don’t any friends in Illinois.  Honestly,  I wondered if this was just a call from someone trying to con me, sell me aluminum siding, or ask for a donation to something.  However, I discovered that Mr. Strawder of the GMAP Broadcast Network is a real person who has established a Faith-based inspirational broadcast network on the internet. Mr. Strader invited me to have a live, on-air conversation with him on Thursday, May 13th at noon central time. We will talk about the free e-book I just released,  the other books that I have written, and share encouragement and hope to folks throughout the internet.

 I was so shocked, I forgot to be excited.   However, I look forward to sharing with folks over the internet radio on Thursday.

And May all the glory goes to God who loves to move in "suddenlies".

So, whatever your situation, don't stop! If you hit a roadblock, don't let discouragement stop you.

 If you hit a stop sign, take counsel with your trusted mentors and your coaches, refocus, but keep moving ahead.

 God has a purpose for you and a plan for your life. It is unique and very special. He will provide you with tools for your journey that you can use uniquely for His glory. However you and God travel--fast or slow--He will lead you to a hill where you can shine for Him and release blessing to those in need. And when you least expect it, He may do a "suddenly" in your life, like He just did in mine.

 GMAP Broadcasting is located in Illinois but also broadcasts through the internet. You can listen online on Thursday the 13th by going to this address:

I would appreciate your prayers! I want to shine for Jesus, not for myself.

May all the glory go to God.

My interview will be on the GMAP Broadcast Network on Thursday, May 13. [See the schedule at]. We will discuss my new, downloadable e-book, Arise: Embrace Your Destiny [available on the “Free Resources” page], and my two other books that are available in print [on Amazon], Divinely Commissioned: God's Delivery Service and The Broken Angel [or through the Store page].


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