What Level Are You?

Aug 26, 2021
Recently I posted a couple of videos which I believed were inspired by the Holy Spirit. I did not ask that people believe me, butI did ask that they would watch the videos and pray about them.
I have had very little response. However, one person did reply saying that they would not watch the videos because of the way I looked. They thought I looked crazy, that I had "crazy eyes". My brothers and sisters in Christ, don't be alarmed!  I have no ability to "zap" you with my expressions! 
Please do not let my looks cause you to miss something important. We live in difficult times, and we need to understand the days we are living in. If God can use a donkey, He can use me! My responsibility is to share what I believe God is saying; yours is to evaluate what is said.
When I posted the video, I asked you to watch it and to pray over it.  Today, I also ask that you ponder your position in Christ before you watch the video. Where do you stand...
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From Junk to Treasure

Jun 04, 2021
Dear Everyone,
I had no idea that I had not posted a blog for a month--I  got distracted and apologize.
I have been busy writing and painting! The writing has been a bit of a slog, requiring discipline. The painting has been a joy!
No, I am not trying to be DeVinci or Picasso: I have been painting an old table. Now, when Mike and I were first married, I refinished a number of old furniture pieces. I haven't done so for some time, because I didn't really need anything [nor did I have space to do so].
But I needed a table that could seat six. The one I found was the right size but the legs were damaged to the point that one of the supports came off in my hand. The lady selling it was apologetic for its condition and sold it very cheaply. So for the last week I have been drilling, hammer pegs [after consulting with Woodworker Bob], mixing glue and sawdust to fill in some serious cracks and damaged areas, painting, and then refinishing the top of the...
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Looking Back . . . [Part One]

Dec 05, 2020

The Bible warns us not to look back or yearn for the past [See Luke 9:62].  We are not to be afraid of the unknown in our future but go forth, confident of the Lord's provision as we walk in His purpose.

However, sometimes it is good to review past prophetic words so that we are strengthened and encouraged to go forth into the future.  The key is not to turn back [as Lot's wife did] yearning for the past pleasures found in evil or because we fear the future. 

In the Bible verse referenced above, Jesus told a man that shallow commitments to the Kingdom of God were worthless.  Jesus was looking for men and women who would not let their past lives or personal ambitions distract them from their course any more than someone plowing should be distracted. A person plowing a field in Jesus' day had to fully concentrate on his task so that he could plow in a straight line.  If the plowman was distracted, the animal leading the plow would wander off...

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I Stand to See

Nov 06, 2020
I know that some of you, even if you love me, wonder if I am "off my rocker" at times. I know you scratch your heads when I say that God speaks to people today and that sometimes He reveals His purposes and plans to me.  I have made some fairly bold statements lately, and you wonder why I speak this way. Someone did ask: what if you are wrong?
I immediately thought of 2 Kings 6:33-7:1-2. I also thought of Exodus 14:13.
Within my own mind, I have decided that I will stand my watch to see what God will do, so I know how to answer when I am reproved. (Hab. 2:1)
Now, let me expand my thoughts a bit. The big question seems to be:
Can a prophet make a mistake? Yes.
To be precise, however, we actually need to look at two different questions:
Can a prophet make a mistake and be a false prophet? yes
Can a prophet make a mistake and be a Godly prophet? yes
These statements sound contradictory but are actually...
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Be like Jesus!

Oct 28, 2020
In the midst of a somewhat heated election season, we as believers are called upon by the Lord to exhibit grace, mercy, kindness, justice, and truth.
We are to extend grace, mercy, and kindness, even to those we disagree with politically or philosophically. We are to bless those who curse us and pray for those who abuse us. We are also to pray for justice to be manifested.
And we are to relentlessly war in the heavenlies with the Truth of God using the Worth of Truth [the Scriptures] and the Name of Jesus. For we are wrestling not against flesh and blood but against the unseen realm of principalities and rulers who seek to deceive, manipulate, and destroy.
Our enemies are not people, but the forces that control them, even when they don't know it. We are to extend grace and mercy to people but go after the root--in the same way, we must go after the root of the Kudzu [a very invasive vine, found in the South for all you Northerners].
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Read the Signs

Aug 06, 2020

Here is a "blast from the past" updated for today...

Just got back from the grocery store. At the checkout, a sign was posted which read, "Cashback limit $100.00 per customer." Since I was buying only $65.00 in groceries, I said, "Well, since you are giving all your customers cash, I'll take my $35.00 and be done with it."

My cashier laughed.

Now, the sign at the grocery store was making a true statement, but my interpretation of the sign was wrong.

Every now and then, folks point to an unusual event as being a portent of the immediate return of Jesus or the onset of some horrible event.

Since I have a doctorate in Theology and have studied some of these signs in detail, I can—with great confidence—state:  I DON'T know exactly what is all these signs mean.  I DON’T know exactly what is going to happen or when it’s going to happen. I DO know God is displaying His power and glory to a world that really doesn’t want to pay much...

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Church, You Don't Know Who You Are

Aug 02, 2020

Church, You Don’t Know Who You Are


Dear Church--Brothers and Sisters, so many of you are hurting because you feel isolated and alone, cut off because church services have been banned in your location, or fearful because of the turmoil we are facing in the world.


But I say to you, Arise!  Arise and be who you are really called to be!


I say to you:  the Church is not a building.  You’ve heard that before, but my brothers and sisters—if you consider yourself part of The Church of Jesus Christ, you are mistaken.  You are not the church!


You have heard it said that in Mathew 16:18, Jesus said, “upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”


My brothers and sisters, Jesus did not say this!  He said, “upon this rock, I will build my ekklesia, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”


Oh, beloved of God, I am not just splitting...

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Dust and Stars

Mar 01, 2020

There is a supernatural component to mankind that the Church must acknowledge. If the Church does not nurture this part of man [known in church talk as "the spirit"] then men and women will seek fulfillment outside of the Church. The high interest in vampires, witchcraft, Eastern religions, and other supernatural entities is a reflection of this. The failure of the Church to address this is reflected in any bookstore. Browse the aisles and look at the type of book that is selling to teens/tweens/ and adults. 

The Church must realize that she is more than a political voice, more than a social agency; She is the supernatural Bride, Who has been called to engage in the supernatural realm. If She fails to realize this, She dishonors herself and her Lord. She also places the souls and spirits of millions in jeopardy. 

Prayer must be revisited; it is not a "boring, fuddy-duddy" activity; it is the spiritual language for romance, warfare, transformation, ... As the Church, we...

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The Church Triumphant

Aug 12, 2019

Before we can fix what is broken, we must know two things:  We must know that what we are dealing with is broken, and we have to understand how it was to look and function.  


If we look at the Church--at least in the Western World--the scandals and headlines dealing with sexual and financial improprieties and the on-going controversies about so-called "gay" marriages, Biblical interpretation, and the Christian's role in society all point to a Church who has lost her fundamental identity and has become divided and fractured.


However, we cannot begin to fix the Church--to fix ourselves--unless we know who we, as the people of God, are supposed to be. Over the next series of blogs, I hope to explore who and what the Church is.


Let us begin with casting the vision of the Church Triumphant:


The Triumphant Church is often referred to as "The Bride".The Triumphant Church has made herself ready to stand in the presence of God.  She is dressed...

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