Don't Quit! Rest

Apr 07, 2022
It is April; the flowers are blooming, bumblebees are buzzing outside, and the days are growing longer. There is a sense of rightness that the earth with its plants and animals is awakening from the stupor and cold of winter.
Oh, beloved. Do not be misled. This spring is like no other. The heavens are roaring; spiritual warfare is increasing; and the effects of that warfare are being manifested in the earth.
We as believers in Jesus Christ are being called to respond. We are to arise, knowing that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Kingdom of God.
Yet you may personally be experiencing great difficulty. I know; the other night I had physiological symptoms that resembled in a very, very, very mild form something like those who have suffered from PTSD. I have never faced combat or suffered the type of trauma that creates PTSD, and I was shocked at my reaction [ much milder than that faced by people who have been diagnosed with PTSD] to a...
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Morning Prayer

Mar 15, 2022

We of all people have eternal hope.  While wars, deaths, and other troubles bring us sorrow, we do not have to be desolate.  We have the peace and strength of the Lord to draw upon.

I have lost a friend and mentor.  Yet while I will grieve, I know that I will see my friend again.  I know I can love and uphold my friends and the family, knowing we can all come to the Father and pour out our hearts to Him.


Blessed be the Lord who knows and carries our sorrow.


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What Now?

Mar 10, 2022

Have the last six months flown by you like a whirlwind? Do you feel shaken and tossed? Certainly, the events of 2021 and the beginnings of 2022 can leave the average person shaken. We are in a period of time in which everything that can be shaken is being shaken. 

God is allowing this shaking so that we will see our own hearts and discover if we really trust Him, or whether we are only giving Him lip service while we allow our own wants and desires to rule and reign in our hearts.  Only as we face uncertainty and adversity do we discover our real heart motivations. It is so easy to deceive ourselves.

And now, when we are weary of the horrors of Covid and  Afghanistan, war has engulfed Ukraine. Like many people, I have been praying and interceding.  Yes, Ukraine has had a very dark history, but a major revival has been arising in the land and the spirit of the antichrist has risen in opposition to that revival. I am praying for my brothers...

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Gots Spots? Well, I do!

Sep 21, 2021

I hope I can explain this clearly....

I found my first red leaf of the fall yesterday. Our sycamores have been dropping yellow leaves, but I constantly look for the red and bright orange leaves that let me know that the cooler days of autumn are finally coming to release us of the humidity and mosquitos of summer.  This red leaf, even with its black spots of decay, grabbed my attention filled me with  the anticipation of breezy, cool autumn days.  

You know, in some ways I  resemble that leaf. I have areas of blackness and decay in my life--not just from aging, but from not yet being conformed to the image of Jesus in all areas of my life. I often try to ignore these dark areas, for these imperfections frustrate and embarrass me. However, I am sometimes so aware of my failures and shortcomings, that I am hesitant to speak of the greatness of God.  I think: How can I speak into this situation when I am so messed up myself?  I wonder if...

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What Level Are You?

Aug 26, 2021
Recently I posted a couple of videos which I believed were inspired by the Holy Spirit. I did not ask that people believe me, butI did ask that they would watch the videos and pray about them.
I have had very little response. However, one person did reply saying that they would not watch the videos because of the way I looked. They thought I looked crazy, that I had "crazy eyes". My brothers and sisters in Christ, don't be alarmed!  I have no ability to "zap" you with my expressions! 
Please do not let my looks cause you to miss something important. We live in difficult times, and we need to understand the days we are living in. If God can use a donkey, He can use me! My responsibility is to share what I believe God is saying; yours is to evaluate what is said.
When I posted the video, I asked you to watch it and to pray over it.  Today, I also ask that you ponder your position in Christ before you watch the video. Where do you stand...
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From Junk to Treasure

Jun 04, 2021
Dear Everyone,
I had no idea that I had not posted a blog for a month--I  got distracted and apologize.
I have been busy writing and painting! The writing has been a bit of a slog, requiring discipline. The painting has been a joy!
No, I am not trying to be DeVinci or Picasso: I have been painting an old table. Now, when Mike and I were first married, I refinished a number of old furniture pieces. I haven't done so for some time, because I didn't really need anything [nor did I have space to do so].
But I needed a table that could seat six. The one I found was the right size but the legs were damaged to the point that one of the supports came off in my hand. The lady selling it was apologetic for its condition and sold it very cheaply. So for the last week I have been drilling, hammer pegs [after consulting with Woodworker Bob], mixing glue and sawdust to fill in some serious cracks and damaged areas, painting, and then refinishing the top of the...
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Surprised by a "Suddenly"!

May 08, 2021

May 6, 2021

 Sometimes God surprises me.

 Have you ever heard something like this, “Well, just when I thought I had figured things out...”?

 The person usually goes on to explain how their plans got upset in some way.

 Well, I can say just as I thought I had figured out what God wanted me to focus on for the next few months, He surprised me.  I thought I was to focus on family projects and personal health [yes, I gained weight during the pandemic and let my regular exercise slide].  On the ministry side, I was to focus on finishing a video course concerning prophetic witchcraft, rewrite a book on hope, create several e-booklets and other materials to encourage believers, and prepare another video course.

 All these things are important, of course.  All this need doing, and I felt as if the Lord wanted me to work on each of these areas, which meant disciplining myself and creating a balanced work schedule.  Unfortunately, none...

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Called to Greatness; Stuck with Laundry?

Apr 13, 2021

Do your days  sometimes fill  you with frustration, confusion, and bewilderment?

Do you dream of greatness but struggle with the daily burdens of the mundane?

Do you feel like you should be soaring in the Spirit but feel pressed down by the distractions  and grind of daily responsibilities?

Hurrah! You're human...

and I know exactly what you are feeling.

In my quiet times with the Lord, when I read and study His written Word, I get excited about how loved I am by God, how I am seated with Him in heavenly  places, how he has given me--and you--authority and has created us to be priests and kings in HIs kingdom. I often pray that I may bring Him honor and great glory, and that I desire to see Him face to face. At times, I feel as if I could fly to heaven on eagle's wings or slay 50 Goliaths.

Then the reality of the present world smacks me in the face.  Oh, it may not be a major trauma or upheaval.  I struggle with the mundane...

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Hope--More Than Just a Four Letter Word

Mar 21, 2021
Lately, the importance of hope has been  flirting with my thoughts. I have been thinking about "hope" and how important "hope" if for the Christian.  Without hope, we cannot have faith; and without faith, it is impossible to please God.  Hope leads us forward with the expectation  of God's goodness being manifested in our lives now and throughout eternity. 
Now, for the last couple of months I have been in a fog.  I thought I knew the path and the plan God had for my life during this season of time, but I realized that I had somehow gotten off track.  The spiritual harvest I was expecting had not appeared.  I felt dryness during my times with the Lord and a sense of confusion. While my prayers for others  seemed to have impact, prayers for my personal concern seemed to sink like lead.  Where family and friends were experiencing breakthroughs and satisfaction with their efforts, I had a series of  disappointing...
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Seeing Through the Fog or Grace Revealed: A Picture

Mar 07, 2021

Sometimes a photograph seems to scream at me--"pay attention"!  I wouldn't say this particular photograph "screamed" but it did make me think...


Last year I was on the beach in North Carolina eager to try out a new [well, new to me] camera. I had been hoping for the opportunity to take pictures of a glorious sunset, with  vivid pinks, oranges, and even bits of purple.  However, the day was dull.  Clouds hung close to the shore and the bits of fog seemed to have discouraged all but the most determined beach goers from roaming the shoreline.  As I trudged along the beach looking for something to inspire me, I spooked a lone seagull that flew off rather than enduring my company.

I took many other pictures that day.  I have erased most of them, but this one of a seabird against a blurry background speaks to me. The picture reminds me that in my walk with Jesus, some days are not easy.  Oh, some days seem to sparkle with light and joy like a...

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