Where It Went, No One Knows.

I had my follow-up to "Crush Time" written [I wrote part 2 first]. However, my finger slipped, and it was gone.

I will be rewriting Crush Time 2, but I am taking time to dig a little deeper. Meantime, I hope you are digging a little deeper also, letting God work in you, transforming you into His image. Sometimes the process hurts; sometimes, you will not know whether to laugh or cry. The tests come either way. Some are big; others are small.

The Lord reminded me of that yesterday. A marketer called and made a big fuss over my first book, declaring it was an undiscovered jewel and that she wanted to present it at an international book fair and aggressively market it. I was, of course, flattered.

However, two things she said caught my attention. One was that she knew nothing about the book itself. She was going on the recommendation of Christian International [I have my license through Christian International; they are my spiritual covering]. So after talking to the marketer, I contacted Christian International. It turns out they had never spoken to her.

Now, I understand marketers are in the business of marketing to make money. That's okay. I think my first book [Divinely Commissioned: God's Delivery Service] is an undiscovered jewel. But do not lie to me if you want me to trust you enough to pay you to represent my book or me.

I talked to the marketer again, thanked them, and politely said no.

I think this was a little test, and I believe I passed it; I didn't let the flattery go to my head and did not get nasty or angry. However, this little incident showed me that I have an area of hurt surrounding my book. I am asking God to take that hurt away and forgive me for not trusting Him fully with the book. May God use even this brief unpleasantness to make me like Jesus.

Part 2 will be up early next week!


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