It's Spring Cleaning Time

Although my writing and recording “to-do list” is piling up, I have been engaging in that well-known “spring cleaning” activity. I hadn’t planned on this, but when a friend down-sized her home, I purchased two of her bookcases to replace my cobbled-together, rickety cases in my study.  However, once we began to move things around, we discovered dust bunnies and collywobbles in all sorts of spaces. The cleaning began!

Why am I sharing this now? While cleaning, I found this prayer which I wrote several years ago.  It reminded me that while house cleaning is good, taking time to present our hearts before the Lord is better. That prayer says in part:

Dear Lord. It’s May! I am sitting in one of my favorite restaurants having lunch alone, except I know You are here. I have no Bible or phone [The phone is back home uploading pictures to the internet]. Although the power was out at church today, the pastor preached on the “anointing.


  • What It is
  • What It Is Not
  • And why we need it.


What the anointing is—The anointing is the power and presence of God; It is His “touch” of choosing us for a task.

What the Anointing Is Not—Anointing is not talent or popularity. Anointing is not our doing anything for ourselves in any way. 

Why? —The anointing “works.”  God blesses His anointing. Anointing creates fruit that remains and endures the fire to enable us to receive a heavenly reward.

But, Lord, as I sit here, I am not sure I’ve ever done anything without some personal motivation.

So, Lord, here is my heart. Please cleanse me.  And, Lord, lead me to do what You want me to do, not what I desire, but Yours, oh Lord….


Have you spent time this season “spring-cleaning” your own heart? Each week, each month brings its own challenges, trials, cares, and sorrows. So, take time to ensure your heart is clean and pure before God. And if you find any “stubborn, ground-in” dirt, bring it before the Lord in prayer and seek counseling if you need help.

Then, with clean hearts, we will be able to sense the leading of the Lord more clearly and receive His anointing to do the work He has called us to do.

Let’s get squeaky clean!


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