A New Series: Biblically Thinking/#1--Take the "Lid Off"

What do you think of the Bible—that is, the sixty-six books revered by Christians? Do you consider it relevant to your own life or to the problems that society faces today? Do you consider the Bible to be a collection of fables spun by superstitious men in the past to control people? Or do you consider the Bible to be a provocative set of moral teachings?

Perhaps you think it is merely a book sometimes held up by extreme right-wing politicians trying to persuade you to listen to them.

Or perhaps you never consider the Bible or its contents.

However, if I asked if you liked ice cream, and you said, “I hate ice cream”, I might ask you why?  Did you find it too cold or too sugary? If you replied, “Oh, I’ve never tasted ice cream”, I might ask you why you hate something you have never tasted.

If you told me that you couldn’t open the lid off the ice cream container and that frustrated you, I would reply, “Well, let me open the ice cream for you.”

This series of meditations is my attempt to open the Bible to those who need help
“opening” the Bible. As I do so, you will probably find that some books seem to speak to you more than others, for each of the sixty-six books contained in the Bible has a different “favor”.  The Bible is a collection of poetry, historical events and adventures, heart-breaking incidents, teachings, riddles, and astounding events.  Throughout all its pages, however, a love story emerges.

Today I begin a series of meditations concerning the Bible. Will you join me on this meditative journey of discovery?  Let's look at why Christians revere this book.


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