A Word to Leadership

I have been on the run, traveling and learning, and [I hope!] growing in the Lord. My last stop was at the  Leadership Summit for Prophets in Charleston, S.C. It was a fairly intense two days [think of the difference between condensed orange juice and regular juice to understand the level of intensity]. Pastor Samuel imparted wisdom to all those who attended to receive.

On the second day of the summit, we had a round table summit to discuss what God was doing in the nation and the world. My assigned topic was “What God is saying to His Leaders.”  The following is a copy of what God spoke at this round table:

The word of the Lord to those who call themselves “shepherds” concerning the heart, actions, and rewards of shepherds:

Know this, all who call themselves shepherds, my measuring rod is in My hand. I have measured you and am now separating you one from another as the shepherd separates the rams from his nursing ewes with lambs and the goats from those that will go to the slaughter. I have separated you and set you into groups.

Group one— You have been faithful, oh my shepherds, in all that you have known to do. Now you are tired and worn. You dream of my pasture by still waters. You brood over family and friends that have gone before. You serve diligently, but your joy and strength are waning. You desire to protect the sheep and chase the lost lambs but feel uncertain and confused. You are not made for the turbulence ahead. I will call you home and tell you, “Well done, faithful servant.”

Group 2–You walk in cynicism and desire to fleece my flock and leave it to be attacked by wolves. Some of you are wolves, seducing and destroying my sheep. Unless you repent of your evil and release my sheep, I will come and destroy you. I will expose your lies and sin. I will drive you out from the position you find so comfortable, and my fury will fall upon you. Repent! Repent! Acknowledge your sin and give back what you have stolen. Humble yourselves and ask for forgiveness. Then your cynicism will vanish, and your stony hearts can become hearts of compassion and love. Take heed to My Words; I have already begun cleansing my flocks. Choose your Destiny, for time is short.

Group 3– you love me and serve me. You love my sheep. You rejoice that I am coming soon and seek to prepare my people for my return. Many of you are aged but have risen up to say, “Lord, use me. Like Caleb before me, I am well able to take this mountain. I am ready, Lord, to follow you into this new season and bring you the fruit of miracles, sieges, and wonders.” All of you love my sheep and desire to see them grow in their giftings. You are not intimidated to walk beyond the assembly walls, for you see the Holy Spirit leading you forward in this new season. For you, the upheaval of these days is an opportunity to bring praise to Me, and the boldness of the Lion is in you.

Group 4, you are the group I have kept in hiding. You are the group I have been molding, teaching, and preparing for this time. You are excited about what I am doing these days and have given yourselves to me. You have set yourselves apart for my service through prayer and praise. I’ve chosen you to help lead my ecclesia in these latter days. You will work with Group 3 to teach my sheep to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, minister in my name, go forth to the ends of the earth and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of you are quite young, but you have been grounded through me since birth. Therefore, no man will be able to stand against you because of your youth.

I am the Lord. I have established my ministers to raise my sheep to make them a spiritual army. This army will tear down spiritual strongholds and assault even the gates of hell. And the gates of hell shall not prevail against my sheep. My sheep will hear my voice when my shepherds speak. My sheep will no longer be confused. They will no longer be lied to. They will no longer be left helpless against the attack of the enemy, and those shepherds who are faithful will receive their reward. Blessed is he who does not turn to the left or the right. Blessed is he who does not boast in his own strength. Blessed is he who does not think more highly of himself than he ought.

 I am coming soon, and I will bring my reward with me. I am the Lord.


To the glory of God LlW

Please join me in praying for every pastor and minister of the Lord [of any type or level] to respond that they would be found faithful to the Lord. If anyone needs to repent, may God open their hearts and minds and give them that spirit of repentance. May all be faithful stewards so that the Church may arise in glory, reflecting the love of God to all. Amen.



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