Comfort for the People of God

Prophecy—August 11, 2022.


This prophetic word seems to be the last of a series that the Lord spoke to me from August 4, 2022-August 11, 2022. If I understand the Lord correctly, while the time of forbearance is ending for unjust, unrighteous leadership, God will rescue, affirm, and restore those who long for Him [even if they don’t realize it yet].

 Comfort. Speak “Comfort” to My people.

For just as I deal sternly with the proud, the rebellious, and the unrepentant, so I will deal with My people tenderly. I will touch them as you would handle a delicate rose without bruising a single petal of the rose. I will lift them in My arms as a mother cradles her newborn child, and I will walk beside them as a groom walks with his bride.

I will bring them joy and peace. I will break off all the heavy loads—the false expectations and deceptions that the enemy and the false ministers placed on My people so they may walk in freedom. Those who do not know Me but yearn for truth will also be blessed—for I will reveal Myself to them through the truth and the manifestation of the Gospel.

I will establish justice in the land—justice with mercy in proper balance.

I will heal My Body so that My ecclesia can fulfill her call in this day and hour in this nation. I will restore peace, joy, contentment, and vision, even as a storm flashes across the land.

The signs, miracles, and wonders I have released will multiply as the ecclesia listens to My voice. Yes, My people will still face problems, but they will meet those problems knowing that I am with them and love them.

  • I will stabilize families.
  • I will supply healthy food for their table—and clean water.
  • I will lead children to safe schools where they can study the truth and explore their dreams.
  • I will raise up honest judges, politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, and other leaders.
  • I will give My people wisdom and insight, enabling them to succeed and triumph over the trials of life.
  • I will heal minds, souls, and bodies, and
  • I will empower them to defeat the spirit of fear.

 I am the Lord, and I cherish My beloved.

 And to those ministers—pastors, teachers, apostles, evangelists, and prophets—who have obeyed Me, followed Me, and clung to My Word—even those that stumbled, fell, but got up to follow after Me, refreshing is coming! This refreshing will be like the rain that breaks the summer drought or the unexpected cold splash of a clear-running mountain stream on a sunny day. I will take away the nay-sayers who constantly snip with their words. Instead, I will bring you sons and daughters in the faith who will run with you. You will think that you are running in a “tag-team relay.” First, one will be in the front, then another, but all will finish the race together!

For those who are faithful, I will bless you even as I promised to bless Israel in Deuteronomy 28. So you shall know the Lord, and You shall rejoice!

My Response:

Lord, thank you for this word of hope. Thank you that you cover our weaknesses. Thank you that you have sovereignly chosen to love us and to restore our nation. Give us strength, O Lord; give us courage; give us whatever we need so that we might obey you, trust you, honor you, and love you with all our hearts, soul, and strength. Give us hears to hear, hearts to understand, eyes to see, and the will to do everything You desire. Amen.


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