From Junk to Treasure

Dear Everyone,
I had no idea that I had not posted a blog for a month--I  got distracted and apologize.
I have been busy writing and painting! The writing has been a bit of a slog, requiring discipline. The painting has been a joy!
No, I am not trying to be DeVinci or Picasso: I have been painting an old table. Now, when Mike and I were first married, I refinished a number of old furniture pieces. I haven't done so for some time, because I didn't really need anything [nor did I have space to do so].
But I needed a table that could seat six. The one I found was the right size but the legs were damaged to the point that one of the supports came off in my hand. The lady selling it was apologetic for its condition and sold it very cheaply. So for the last week I have been drilling, hammer pegs [after consulting with Woodworker Bob], mixing glue and sawdust to fill in some serious cracks and damaged areas, painting, and then refinishing the top of the table.
Now, even all my efforts, the table does not look like it originally did when its first owner bought it. There are chips in the veneer, the repairs to the legs are obvious to the critical eye, and some cracks remain although they have been stabilized. [The pictures below show the table in various stages of repair].
However, I find the table beautiful now, and others have agreed.
Nevertheless, even as I was enjoying the creative process of restoring the table, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit. As I was finishing the table, I realized [I believe this was a Holy Spirit inspired thought] that this process of restoring the table resembles the way God works in us.
You see, we come to God with the scars of our past. We may be broken, battered, and deeply marred by the trials and abuse of life when we come to the Lord. Some folks may look at how we appear and say that we are beyond redemption, worthless. However, if we submit to the loving hands of the Lord, He changes us. He repairs broken hearts, heals our souls, and restores our bodies.
However, we will not be the same as before! We may still carry the scars of our past. Our memories will remain, even if the sting of the trauma remains. However, in Jesus' loving hands, our scars become beauty marks that enhance our beauty. Our past failures become signposts of the power of God's redeeming love.  
No, we are not the same--we are better, more beautiful than we ever could be in the past. The stain of sin's power is no more. We glow with the light and power of God's love and are more beautiful than anyone could have imagined.
God does what no man could do: He transforms us from death to life and changes our ashes into beautiful ornaments for His praise.
I hope that I remember this understanding  every time I sit down at this table in fellowship with someone else. My prayer is that God will use the Holy Spirit in me to restore and expose the beauty in others, no matter how broken they may be.
Oh, God reminded me of one other thing.  The basis of our transformation from death to life, from junk to treasure, from ugly into beautiful is this:  the power of Jesus' death and resurrection on the cross.  Silver is the symbol of redemption throughout Scripture. And look at the base of the table...
Now, in working on this table, I considered several colors. I decided to paint the base of the table with the paint I already had on hand.  What color did I use?
Silver--the color of our redemption
God yearns to speak to us, to give us His special revelation.  I believe that He smiles when we listen to His voice.
Can't wait to sit down with God at this table.

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