Last But Not Least--#18 Neglected Dynamite

Publishing houses have repeatedly declared that the Bible is the most published book. Originally written on papyrus and leather scrolls, the Bible is not available in various sizes, languages, exterior colors, and translations. Online and d editions of the Bible also exist.

Yet it is also true that the Bible is one of the most neglected books in the Western hemisphere. Even among those who call themselves believers, few can honestly say they have time set aside daily for Bible Study.

The younger generation often ignores the Bible, while this generation chases spirituality through various causes, occultic practices, and strange religions. Yet the Bible still speaks. It speaks with authority and power to those who will listen to its words. It defines a narrow road that leads to righteousness and eternal life and debunks the claims of other religions.

The Bible also declares it has its supernatural origin. The Bible proclaims its unique status as a document that speaks to each generation of humanity from 3000 years ago to the present. Even as its enemies rise us to scoff at its contents, the Bible announces that it and it alone has the revelation to bring man to a proper understanding of Who God is. With that revelation comes the knowledge that sin separated humanity from God and doomed all people to the fate of traitors. The good news is that Jesus Christ paid for our sins and opened the door to man's reconciliation with God.

Over the last few months, I wrote a series of short essays about different aspects and characteristics of the Bible. I have written to teach and to warn people about their attitudes and actions concerning the Bible.  Acceptance of the Bible's revelation can lead to eternal life, rejection . . . . 

It is one thing for a person to carefully read the Bible with an open mind and then reject its claims. It is another to reject the Bible without reading it entirely or rejecting it based on misinterpreting a few verses. Worse would be claiming to follow the teachings of Scripture but not to know what the Scriptures say!

The Bible is God’s written word. It describes God’s character and reveals His plan of salvation. Those who reject the Bible as a book of “old fairy tales" or “because the KJV is just too hard to read” are foolish.

Their destiny is dark unless they change course.

Take up the challenge! Find a Bible in a contemporary translation, and read it. If you are an English-speaking person, try reading the English Standard Version, the New American Standard Version, or The Living Bible translations. If you speak another language, find a contemporary version [a complete translation, not a paraphrase] in your own language to read.

As you read, take time to stop and check online for the answers to any questions that come to mind.

At the end of this quest, you may reject the Bible. You may reject God. That will be your choice, but at least you will have made an informed decision.


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