Reluctant Explorers

honoring god Jan 14, 2020


Sometimes, the biggest enemy that we will face on a particular day will not be a sudden tragedy or unexpected upheavals.  Sometimes the enemy comes dressed as comfort or routine. For me, I find it so easy to "relax for a moment" watching TV...and find that I have wasted the time during which God wanted me to reach out to someone, or which I had set aside for Him. It seems I am particularly vulnerable to the lure of comfort and routine when I am being tested in ways that bring out my insecurities and fear.

And yet--I have prayed over and over again to be "on the cutting edge", to make a significant difference for God's glory.  How the spirit desires to bless the Father, while the flesh just wants quiet and ease! Like Peter, I tend to boast, "Anything, Lord!  I will do anything for You!"  Yet, too often I won't even get out of the chair for His purpose.

If we want to make a significant impact upon our world, we must be willing to break out of our routine, stretch beyond our comfort zone, and believe God will guide us into purpose. We must be willing to explore the path that God reveals, even if we must leave the surroundings we know.

We may think that we are only one among many and that our little selfish choices don't really matter, but we each have a unique purpose, a way to uniquely impact and bless the world and bring hope, beauty, joy, and life to someone if we will only look to God and believe. We can change the world if we are willing to follow Jesus.

Help me, Lord, to just be willing to do the little things so that I might learn to walk in obedience in all things.

Psalm 32:8--I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.

Amen, Lord!


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