The Shift--Parts 2 and 3

Yesterday I began sharing the first of a series of words concerning God's indictment of America. These words are a stern warning, indicating that God's forbearance with America is ending. Today, I am posting parts 2 and 3 of that series. These portions resulted from my asking God to grant me a greater understanding of HIs concerns.

Part 2

 But I asked the Lord, "Lord, although I think I understand, will you be specific about what has disgusted you?"

 And I believe the Lord responded. He despises

  • America's greater love for money and spectacle than for righteousness or integrity.
  • Politicians who lie and destroy good people's reputations to gain money and power.
  • People who knowingly vote for evil people and evil policies to line their pockets.
  • The lazy
    • those who are too lazy to seek the truth and
    • those who are too lazy to work at gainful employment but want to eat the fruit of other people's efforts [This includes both spiritual and physical fruit].
  • Those who ignore the weak, including those who
    •  deny justice to the unborn
    • permit the brutalization of women and children 
    • ignore or deny help to needy single mothers [or fathers]
    • forget the lonely and neglected
    • treat their fellow people as toys or tools for their own desired ends.

 God has seen the brutality and hopelessness found in the poorest in the inner cities and the wealthiest homes. He has judged the predators and those oblivious to the hurts and needs of the hopeless.

 My response:

 Oh, Father!

 Forgive us. Pour out Your mercy. Open our eyes and give us the guts to see the truth through Your Eyes. And grant us the wisdom and desire to do whatever You want us to do in this day and time. Amen.

 No date [the 5th?]—Part 3

 "Those who have sought power in the highest government areas, pretending to love this nation but only desiring wealth and power, hear Me. Those who have spoken of freedom and kindness but used the media, the microphone [and print] to tear down honest men [and women] and crucify them with words will fall into pits of their own making.

  •  I will take their health.
  • I will take their wealth.
  • I will expose and shame them, but they are shameless.
  • And I will take their power, that which they love, from them.

"For those people that gave their leaders power, knowing those leaders were evil and false but worded and elected those leaders anyway for material gain, I say I will harry them and drive those people into poverty, confusion, and darkness. I will never bless them unless they repent—changing their thoughts and actions.

 "Those who are lazy and don't want to be bothered to see the truth will be forced to see themselves. Lazy people stand guilty before Me, for the lazy refused to carry any burden; they refused to help anyone. The lazy seek only their own comfort. I will uncover their selfishness; I will expose their laziness. Please open your eyes; turn to Me! Repent! [change your thoughts and actions]."

To the Pastors and Prophets:

"To the Pastors: I chose you to help people, to teach them about God, and to tell them what I want them to know. Some of you have done an excellent job. Therefore, I give you an "A+" on your job review.

 "But—[to some others of you]—when I review your words, and you say:

  •  Men created the Word of God.
  • The Word of God contains mistakes.
  • Men can change the Word of God now because people have gained knowledge and understanding through scientific studies and psychology.

"You are failures [F+ on your job review]! You have become proud and think you know more than Me. Your efforts are worthless when you focus on building buildings and do not care for people's emotional, physical, or spiritual needs. You ignore your job description when you do not teach people about Me or share My good news.

"I am firing you. Do not ask for a "severance package." Pack up your stuff—your personal belongings, lies, false teaching, distorted understandings—and get out!

"Yet, even now, if you humble yourself and repent [change your thinking and actions] and come like a child again to Me, I will not cut you off completely.

 To the Prophets: 

  •  Do you prophesy for pay?
  •  Do you speak words to gain popularity?
  •  Do you want to say nice things to people all the time?
  •  Do you speak to people about their great destinies but never talk about their need to change or my testing them before they see their hopes fulfilled?

 "You are fired! Do you think that I esteem you [because you prophesy] above others?

"Those who carry My mantle must speak the entire truth of My word that I give. Those who twist My words, who speak of pleasantries without responsibility, who will not warn those in danger—I will hold you responsible for the word you did not communicate.

"I am the Lord; I will hold you accountable for the lives of those you have deceived. I will make you repay every penny you take from those who come to you desperate for an accurate word of guidance. How can you speak to them when you do not trust Me? How can you say, "Trust in the Lord!" when you do not trust Me to provide for you?

"Your words have become leaden and will fall to the ground, for your integrity is lost. So repent [change your thoughts, change your ways] and allow Me to cleanse you with My fire.

"No longer will false ministers defame and make a mockery of My name. No longer will I allow the "babies" to be led into error.

Remember, the Lamb is also the Lion!"


My response:

 Lord, as I record Your words, I know that I myself am guilty, for I have not always done as You asked. I have not spoken when I should and allowed fear of man to control me. Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me. Don't take away Your Spirit. Purge me; cleanse me. May I be hungry to abide in Your presence and please you above all other desires. Amen.


As harsh as the words of yesterday and today, there is still hope.  Please come back tomorrow.


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