The Lion Arises


Like many of you, Christmas  time this year was a roller coaster of emotions.  Our family is scattered, and getting together was impossible, except for a couple of hours here and there. While we had planned to have a small Christmas celebration with one other couple whose family is far away, illness [not Covid; we were quarantining ourselves before Christmas] interrupted those plans.  The few Christmas presents that I purchased online did not all arrive, the weather was awful, and to  top it all off, I miscalculated the time it would take for the chicken to roast, so we had had only vegetables ready for our Christmas meal!

Yet through it all, I kept asking God to help  me celebrate Christmas in my heart with true joy and thanksgiving.  I also sought His direction for the new year.  I felt led to repent of unkept promises, to  release all those who had disappointed me, and to fulfill some long term projects that I was involved with.

Then on January 3,  2021, I believe that the Lord spoke to me.  He began by prompting me to record a time of prayer, which I believe was a time for praying prophetically [praying outloud what the Lord wanted me to pray].  Then the Lord began to speak directly to me.  The video above is an edited copy of that audio taping with some pictures added.

Please listen carefully.  God is not a politician and while  He touched on the current events of the United States, His declarations go  far beyond politics.   Listen and apply proper Biblical guidelines for the evaluation of prophetic words, please.

As you listen, please consider this: If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, we must remember that the book of Acts stated that the believers of the early church, turned the world upside down. They did not do this by allowing the events that swirled around them to shake their trust in God.  Instead, they believed that the Holy Spirit would empower them with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead to go forth and make disciples of all nations.
Now the world is working to turn believers upside down, trying to make believers--to make us--conform and cower down. Yes, we have a battle to fight. BUT our weapons are not of this world; they are not carnal; they are of the Spirit—given to us by the Conqueror of Death, His Royal Majesty, Jesus Christ our King! Our weapons appear to the natural eyes to be silly and flimsy, but they are actually greater than any natural weapon and capable of pulling down strongholds and changing the course of history!
If the world is to believe that Christ is alive, they must see Christ shining in us. They must see us release the supernatural power of God. That means that we must stand on the Word, act on It, even when our intellectual logic and the world says we are crazy.  We must use the weapons of our warfare--truth, the Scriptures, the prophetic word [based solidly on the Logos], prayer and intercessory prayer, praise, and the prophetic shout release the supernatural gifts of signs, miracles, and healings, and transformative prophetic words into a hurting and desperate world.
 We are at a difficult time in history.  The enemy is prowling and has captured many.  However, we are not alone in this battle. The Holy Spirit is in us.  In addition, I bring you exciting and sobering news: the Lion arises.

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