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encouragement Aug 04, 2020

I originally wrote this blog post in 2018...but, frankly, it's a message  I myself needed to reread today.  I have been trying to coordinate programs to get this new website running smoothly and had been hitting very frustrating roadblocks.  Have you been hitting roadblocks today?  Then, perhaps, this message is for you also!

[from Wednesday, July 04, 2018]
Have you ever had a thought like this:  This [mountain, project, expectation, etc.] is just too hard for me.  I just can't do it, and I am tired of trying!

I've been thinking this thought a lot over the last few weeks.  I was becoming totally frustrated by all the time it was taking to take any of the steps toward the goal that God had placed before me.  In the past month, I have been challenged to go far beyond my training, my understanding, and my comfort zone, and my attempts to do so were all ending in failure. My frustration continued to build, and, to be honest, I began to whine about my predicament to God.  

However,  instead of comforting me, God challenged me. God challenged me with the thought that my own expectations were limiting my ability to fulfill God's call on my life.

Now, for someone who is trying to bring transformation and restoration into the Church as a whole, the idea that I was hindering myself and God's plan for my life was unpleasant and somewhat repulsive to consider. The idea that I was letting old mindsets and preconceptions affect me to hurt my pride.  I didn't like thinking that I was telling God [ in either my thoughts or attitudes], "No, God, I can't do that.  You are not big enough to enable me to overcome the mountainous problem [at least, it seemed that way to me] that I am facing."

However, just because the idea that I was my own hindrance made me uncomfortable, did not mean it was not true. I had gotten frustrated, upset, angry, and then despaired because I could not reach my goal.  I had wanted to quit because I couldn't figure out how to fix a problem all by myself.  I had not wanted to ask others for help when I needed their wisdom or expertise. I had relied on my own strength instead of seeking God and waiting for HIs counsel.

I guess I wanted to impress God and everyone else! I needed to humble myself, repent of pride, and ask God for help.

After a time of prayer, I realized I had to change.  I asked God to empower me to fully repent, and to acknowledge--once again--I did not know it all and could not do it all.  I asked God to help me to look at the problem with new eyes and a new attitude and to direct me to folks who could help me overcome the roadblocks I was facing.

Now, stop reading for a moment and take a look at the picture above.  Do you recognize what you are looking at?  The perspective of this photograph is fairly unusual.  Standing and looking up at a building this way can be disorienting.  However, the building is doesn't change, whether we look at the building from the perspective in this picture or from another building twelve blocks away.   

I have spent the last five weeks learning to look at life and ministry from a different angle.  I am learning new ways of touching others for Jesus and relearning the necessity to take time to worship Him as well as work for Him.  My perspective is shifting. Nevertheless, the purpose of all I do remains the same:  to awaken people to the call of God upon their individual lives, to awaken the Church to Who She is in Christ, and to see the Glory of the Lord manifested.  

How I seek to fulfill these goals is changing, but if I am determined to remain true to the Lord and walk in His integrity and truth.

What is your perspective on life?  Where do you stand? Do you know the Lord God as intimately as you know your best friend, parent, or spouse?  Are you walking in God's truth or in a convenient lie?

It's good to have your perspective challenged from time to time.  Just make sure that your eyes stay focused on God's truth.

God bless you today!


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