Which Way Do We Go?

honoring god Aug 12, 2019

  Surveys reveal that massive numbers of Protestant pastors are leaving their pastorates because of burnout.  Many of those that remain behind are struggling with strongholds such as pornography, sexual immorality, or gambling.  The pervasive sexual sin among Roman Catholic leadership has threatened the very structure of the Catholic Church.  Among the so-called "laypeople", discontent and disillusionment are causing many people to drop out.   Many Millenials have dismissed the Christian message as irrelevant. Even among those that still faithfully attend and support their individual church bodies, it is a well-known statistic that 20% of the people are doing 80% of the work.

What is wrong with the Church?  Why are we modern believers falling so short of the early Church as reflected by the book of Acts?  Yes, the early Church had major problems, but boredom and burnout were not among them!

It is time for believers to take responsibility for the state of the Church.  We have decisions to make.  The choices that we make today, even the little ones,  greatly impact the spiritual health of our families, our individual churches, our nations, and ourselves.  So let us come together and begin to evaluate ourselves and our churches.  The problem is systemic and deep, but the grace and power of God is far greater than all our failings.  

God is calling us to repent, to turn back to Him.  He wants to renew our spirits, souls, and bodies. To receive all that He has for us, we need to start communicating with each other, studying our forefathers, and searching the Scriptures.  We need to ask ourselves:  God, have I understood your Word?  Have I fully studied what You want me to know?  What ungodly thinking and lies have affected my thinking, and what is your plan for my life and the life of the Church?

The good news?  God is in control! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has declared that He will present the Church to His Son as a Bride without spot or wrinkle.  All those that love Him, that pursue Him, and obey Him will be part of the Bride. So let's get ready to be washed!


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