#4--God's Voice to Man

Sep 08, 2022

The Bible is unique in that it was composed over 1600 years. This Bible, a collection of some sixty-six smaller books, claims supernatural authorship (1 Pe. 1:25; Ps. 119:89). Although some forty men were involved in the creation of the various sections of the Bible, God alone is responsible for the words contained in the Scriptures. This supernatural authorship is confirmed repeatedly by phrases such as “thus saith the Lord,” “the Lord spake. . . “, etc. However, the Bible also reveals that man was important in the formation of the Bible. Moses gave the Law as he received it to Israel (2 Chr. 34:14). Ecclesiastes is called “The Words of the Preacher.” (Ecc. 1:1). Therefore, the Bible is the result of a combined effort between God and humanity.

The Scripture Itself explains how this cooperative effort between God and man to produce the Bible occurred. The Bible states,” All Scripture is given by inspiration of God . . . .” The Hebrew...

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Biblically Thinking: A Series of Meditations Concerning God and His Word--#2

Sep 07, 2022

It’s Alive!

The importance of the Bible in my life has become more apparent as I have grown as a Christian. However, no matter how my failure to acknowledge its influence, the Bible [that collection of books that dares to claim to be the written Word of God] has always undergirded my existence.

I was eighteen years old before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior; however, I had grown up in the organized church. In Sunday school, I learned the Bible stories found in the Old and New Testament. The Biblical themes taught to me in Sunday School undergirded the development of my moral character and thinking. Although I assumed the Bible was inaccurate in its scientific and historical record and historical record [because of what I was being taught in public school], I still felt the impact of the Bible’s teachings. As a result, my sinful nature was somewhat checked during my youth.

In junior high school I read through the New Testament and found it boring. I was offended...

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A New Series: Biblically Thinking/#1--Take the "Lid Off"

Sep 05, 2022

What do you think of the Bible—that is, the sixty-six books revered by Christians? Do you consider it relevant to your own life or to the problems that society faces today? Do you consider the Bible to be a collection of fables spun by superstitious men in the past to control people? Or do you consider the Bible to be a provocative set of moral teachings?

Perhaps you think it is merely a book sometimes held up by extreme right-wing politicians trying to persuade you to listen to them.

Or perhaps you never consider the Bible or its contents.

However, if I asked if you liked ice cream, and you said, “I hate ice cream”, I might ask you why?  Did you find it too cold or too sugary? If you replied, “Oh, I’ve never tasted ice cream”, I might ask you why you hate something you have never tasted.

If you told me that you couldn’t open the lid off the ice cream container and that frustrated you, I would reply, “Well, let me open the ice...

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Want Peace?

Aug 26, 2022

This is the day the Lord has made we should rejoice and be glad in it!

While enduring the horrors of the concentration camp in 1943, Dutch author Etty Hillesumwrote these profound words in her diary as she sought to banish worry,

Ultimately we have just one moral duty; to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves—Etty  Hillesum.

Ms. HIllesum fully understood what Jesus meant when He declared,

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matthew 6:34)

Ms. Hillisum certainly understood that life can bring great frustration and pain.  She experienced continual danger, humiliation, and pain while being in a concentration camp.  However, Ms. Hillisum realized something that many of us do not; the only thing that she could control was her own attitude and mind. Worry and anxiety would only sap her strength.

Worry is a false god that promises control; but worry merely opens the door to the...

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Comfort for the People of God

Aug 18, 2022

Prophecy—August 11, 2022.


This prophetic word seems to be the last of a series that the Lord spoke to me from August 4, 2022-August 11, 2022. If I understand the Lord correctly, while the time of forbearance is ending for unjust, unrighteous leadership, God will rescue, affirm, and restore those who long for Him [even if they don’t realize it yet].

 Comfort. Speak “Comfort” to My people.

For just as I deal sternly with the proud, the rebellious, and the unrepentant, so I will deal with My people tenderly. I will touch them as you would handle a delicate rose without bruising a single petal of the rose. I will lift them in My arms as a mother cradles her newborn child, and I will walk beside them as a groom walks with his bride.

I will bring them joy and peace. I will break off all the heavy loads—the false expectations and deceptions that the enemy and the false ministers placed on My people so they may walk in freedom. Those who...

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The Shift--Parts 2 and 3

Aug 16, 2022

Yesterday I began sharing the first of a series of words concerning God's indictment of America. These words are a stern warning, indicating that God's forbearance with America is ending. Today, I am posting parts 2 and 3 of that series. These portions resulted from my asking God to grant me a greater understanding of HIs concerns.

Part 2

 But I asked the Lord, "Lord, although I think I understand, will you be specific about what has disgusted you?"

 And I believe the Lord responded. He despises

  • America's greater love for money and spectacle than for righteousness or integrity.
  • Politicians who lie and destroy good people's reputations to gain money and power.
  • People who knowingly vote for evil people and evil policies to line their pockets.
  • The lazy
    • those who are too lazy to seek the truth and
    • those who are too lazy to work at gainful employment but want to eat the fruit of other people's efforts [This includes both spiritual and physical fruit].
  • Those...
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There Is a Shift Happening

Aug 15, 2022

The month of July was a busy time for me.  I published and launched my new book, Out of the Ashes.  I also assisted [in a small way] in the launch of another book, Ambushed by Joy,  written by Hayley Hewitt.   So much of July focused on books, advertising, and promotional concerns that I began to dream about it all.

However, that was July.  Today is August 15, and a shift is happening in the heavenlies.  Now, natural, noticeable changes have occurred with the start of a new school year.  School buses are rolling, and parents must deal with new schedules and school supply costs.  However, I am speaking of a much more profound change [or shift].  The time of God's forbearance is coming to an end. 

Over the last few months, God spoke encouraging words to His people.  But, now, God is sending a warning:  It is time to repent, to evaluate our thoughts and actions, and change them if they disagree or fail...

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Unexpected Opportunities

Jul 02, 2022

One of my strengths is the ability to focus intently on one activity or problem.  However, this strength becomes a weakness if I allow myself to become inflexible in my thinking or how I work with the people who surround me.  If I focus on my expectations and plans coming to pass exactly as I have planned, I will suffer great disappointment and may miss God's best for our lives.

When our plans are interrupted or go awry, we have the opportunity to use that problem to grow in grace and become more like Jesus, or we can choose to stew in frustration and disappointment.  A recent book Ambushed by Joy speaks of the balance we need to maintain in order to live in the fulness of life that God intends for us.  

I took the unexpected interruption of a rainy day to make a cartoon video!   Please watch this short video to learn more. 

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The Old Red Chest

Jun 29, 2022

It's summer in the Carolinas!  That means we are having hot, muggy days.  I don't like the heat or humidity but it does mean that I am able to work on the type of projects that I like.

Recently I was thinking about painting an old chest.  Now, this chest was cheap, the sort of chest that would be useful in a college dorm or in one's first apartment.  It was a good size, but I was not sure that it was worth actually painting the chest.  I was talking it over with the Holy Spirit and thought, what I really one is an old, red, beat-up chest with an Americana flair.

Now this thought was not a prayer request, more like an "I wish I had." Yet our Father in heaven likes to grant us some of those little desires when He knows that blessing us in this manner will not corrupt us.  I now have a beat-up red chest of drawers exactly like what I envisioned that I was able to buy locally for a pittance.

This chest had been in someone's garage for over ten years storing...

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Morning musings

May 22, 2022
This post may make you angry, but please read all of it before you respond.
This morning I woke up to hear that a draft memo concerning the Roe vs. Wade deliberations had been leaked.
IF the memo is true...A decision based on false testimony [admitted by the woman who brought the case], poor science [or the lack of accurate science at that time], and an inappropriate interpretation of the constitution will soon be overturned.
Now, what will be the effects of such a ruling?
  • Abortions will continue to be legal in the United States.The only change is that the decision to make abortions legal will be determined state by state. Many states had legalized abortions before Roe vs. Wade passed; many states will probably choose to legalize abortions again.
  • Abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood, may have to close some of their clinics. The millions and millions of dollars such providers make each year may be impacted [at least until they...
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